Jama Masjid, Ujjain – Where Allah Finds Its Followers

Despite the reputation of Ujjain, being mostly known for its temples, there was a considerable influence of the Muslims as well. Situated in the center of the town, the Jama Masjid, Ujjain was constructed rather recently and holds its own in this district where there are infinite number of temples and Hindu holy places. The populace of Ujjain had a number of Muslims, who come to worship here and offer their ‘namaz’.

Jama Masjid Ujjain

Jama Masjid Ujjain | Image Resource : staticflickr.com

The Masjid was distinct in appearance. Done in white with minarets positioning high in the skies, it looked formidable. The market place where the Masjid was located remained forever crowded with people from all communities peacefully coexisting. It was a little difficult to enter the lane with commuters and smaller vehicles jostling to find their ways. The Masjid proper was traditional in all ways as all Muslim holy places are. While I was inside the Masjid, it was difficult to tell that I was in a district known worldwide for its Hindu temples. The ‘ibadat’ or the way of worship for the Muslims followed its own customs and were observed in its truest sense in the Masjid. I bent to pray and prayed with all my heart for friends and family and since I may not carry gifts or souvenirs back at least I would seek blessings from Allah or the Hindu God for the good health of my loved ones.

Preghiera al Jama Masjid

Preghiera al Jama Masjid | Image Resource : staticflickr.com

I left the Jama Masjid, Ujjain rather quickly because the hustle-bustle of the market place was overwhelming me under the harsh sun. I had to grab lunch as well for I had skipped breakfast. The eateries in the local streets of Ujjain offered a lot of items that looked delicious. I settled with a local joint, which served standard home cooked meals and sat down in the stool waiting to be served. The scenario of the crowded market was right in front of me and I could see a mix of people of all communities passing by, who I could differentiate only by the way they were clothed. Once I finished my meal I left for the Kaliadeh Palace, Ujjain.

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