Kalidasa Academy, Ujjain – To Etch the Memories of the Famous Poet

Mahakavi Kalidasa needs no introduction and I was not going to give any as well. For us all Indians, the figure is synonymous with a golden period in the field of culture of India when he was shone as the greatest individual who catapulted Indian culture to newer heights. My interest in the subject is tremendous and I always look for avenues when I can educate myself further in the subject. The Kalidasa Academy, Ujjain has been established by the Government of Madhya Pradesh or rather more specifically the cultural wing of the Government.

Kalidasa Academy Ujjain

Kalidasa Academy Ujjain | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Built in the memory of the poet, the institution served a dual purpose. The bulletin board near the entrance made it evident to me that it not only kept the memory of the poet alive but it also was used as a platform to exhibit and enhance various cultural activities related with fine arts, dance , drama and poetry. There were various notifications in the board about ongoing activities in the centre and some were due to begin on certain dates. The inside of the centre was constructed in red bricks with beautiful landscaping done by the use of natural plants and trees to dot its façade and other nooks and corners. The atmosphere was very peaceful and organized. The Sanskrit language received special impetus and efforts were deliberated for the development and sustenance of the language by seminars, exhibitions, workshops, play-productions and various other programs.

Kalidasa Academy

Kalidasa Academy | Image Resource : saritamcharg.com

The trip to Kalidasa Academy, Ujjain was very informative and rewarding. It was nice to know that the Government is making efforts at least somewhere for the revival of the Indian culture and its ancient languages. Without such efforts, the earliest language – Sanskrit of us Indians would probably be lost in the ongoing westernization of India. The diversity of India in terms of culture and religion is not an unknown fact and my subsequent trip to the Jama Masjid, Ujjain was an example of it. As I made my way out of the Academy, I made a mental note that I would probably come back to Ujjain with my dates and timings coinciding with any of the events.

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