Shipra Residency – MPTDC, Ujjain – A Comfortable and Commendable Abode

My decision to travel by the train was good because taking the flight would have meant driving another 56 kilometers to Ujjain from Indore; instead, as the train reached the Ujjain district at 5:30 pm, all I had to do was take a commute to the Shipra Residency, Ujjain and check in. There was a lot of activity around – people moving purposefully, some with their family, some without, all on the move. The districts in modern day India were no less than the metropolis if you considered the hustle-bustle that one could see. The hotel was close to the station and I had no difficulty reaching it.

Shipra Residency, Ujjain | Image Resource :

Shipra Residency, Ujjain | Image Resource :

The hotel looked impressive enough. I finished all the formalities and requested for a room on the lower level because with the lack of an elevator, it seemed tedious to make the trip back and forth on the stairs. The hotel seemed neat and comfortable. The rooms were spacious and airy and the bell boy deposited my luggage in my room. It was close to seven by then and I felt the fatigue of my journey and decided to rest for an hour before having my dinner. A lot was planned for me in the trip. Ujjain had appealed me tremendously with its innumerable temples. I vowed to make the most of my trip. I freshened up very quickly then and exited my hotel room to the modest restaurant that the hotel has.

Shipra Residency

Shipra Residency | Image Resource :

The menu selection was quite decent and appealing. I realized that I was very hungry and I ordered possibly more than what I could have eaten. But I guess travelling does that to you, I licked clean my plate more because the food was very delicious as well. Not much could have been done at that hour in Ujjain in Shipra Residency, Ujjain but while I mulled over my plans to sleep a little early, I knew that a full day of sightseeing awaited me the next day. I had plans to visit the Iskcon Temple, Ujjain and I was filled with a lot of enthusiasm thinking about it.

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