Iskcon Temple, Ujjain – A Beautiful and Captivating Temple in White

A new morning greeted me and as a habitual early riser, I woke up early. It was different – this new place and it was good. The crisp morning freshness invaded my senses and it may seem exaggerated to many, but I thanked the Lord for all the goodness that He had bestowed me with. I took a peek outside and I could see a few people out, only a couple of hotel staff moving around with swiftness. The breakfast in the hotel was complimentary and since I was scheduled to visit the Iskcon Temple, Ujjain, I unpacked the rest of my things and took a bath hastily without wasting any more time. The buffet spread at the hotel restaurant was varied and tasty. I preferred tucking in sufficiently so that I am able to skip lunch.

Iskcon Temple, Ujjain

Iskcon Temple, Ujjain | Image Resource :

After I finished my breakfast, I was informed by the hotel staff at the reception that my designated driver had come who would take me for sightseeing. Armed with my camera, we began our journey. The temple – Iskcon stood for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and was the temple of Sri Sri Radha Mohan Mohan. An unmistakable sense of serenity could be felt in the premise as I entered the temple. There were no big crowds that normally is the scene with other temples and I guess the quietness around was the most appealing thing about it. I could hear the bhajans as I made my way for the darshan of the deity.

Iskcon Temple

Iskcon Temple | Image Resource :

The architecture of the temple was excellent and the general upkeep of the place was worth noticing. The Iskcon Temple, Ujjain also had a guest house where the members with Iskcon could stay with prior bookings. The temple structure was huge and to me it signified the magnificence of the Lord Himself. I felt like an insignificant speck in the larger scheme of things. The serenity of the place was very attractive and I was tempted to pause a while in the temple gardens to soak in the beauty of the place. Time flew and I departed reluctantly to the Jahangir Mahal Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, which was my next stop in the itinerary.

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