Train Travel from Hyderabad to Ujjain by Hyb Aii Express – My Respite from a Hectic Life

Life in Hyderabad is exciting, especially with all my friends and family with me. I, Afreen am fortunate to have a steady and flourishing job at 23 years of age and it interests me. But how much the work actually remains interesting after a few years is a debatable question. Sure, it gets monotonous being an account executive dealing with numbers all the time. Hence, from time to time, I go on my little getaways to unwind so that I can return rejuvenated. Thus, it was planned my trip to Ujjain and I preferred the train travel from Hyderabad (HYB) to Ujjain (UJN) by Hyb Aii Express simply because it gave me time to relax in the journey and brace myself for new adventures.

hyb aii express

Hyb Aii Express | Image Credit :

The train was due to depart from the station at 3:15 in the afternoon and I was stuck in my office till 2 finishing my jobs at hand. But I am blessed with such a caring mom who could anticipate these things about me and had everything under control – from my packing to the food that I would carry and the likes. I reached the station on time and paused at the newspaper vendor to pick up a novel of my favorite author. The journey was going to be a long one and I planned to indulge in reading my second passion after travel. The sights and the sounds around the railway station was a familiar one. It made me wonder that I would detest being in a rather organized station, now that I am accustomed to the chaos of this one. I hugged my mom before leaving, promised to take care of myself and got in the train to my seat.

The rest of the journey in my train travel from Hyderabad (HYB) to Ujjain (UJN) by Hyb Aii Express was quite quiet. I attacked my novel with great enthusiasm, read even while I ate and finished almost fifty percent of it. The following morning was replicated in the same manner and I did not even realize that I was close to my destination, where I had prior bookings at the Shipra Residency – MPTDC, Ujjain for stay.

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