Semmozhi Poonga Chennai – A Botanical Paradise

Semmozhi Poonga Chennai

Semmozhi Poonga Chennai I Image Resource :

We reached the last destination of the day. It was the ideal time to visit the Semmozhi Poonga Chennai. The botanical garden which was formed by the department of horticulture of the Government of Tamil Nadu is one of the new tourist spots in Chennai. It was opened to the public in November 2010 and is the first of its kind in this southern city of India. The garden is right at the heart of the city and has quite a large area of land. There are a wide variety of plant species in this garden, some of which are very old. The fresh air of the garden greeted us and we filled in our lungs with the pure air.

We sat for a while on the grassy lawns of the garden. There were a lot of tourists visiting the garden as well as a large number of locals. This place was a welcome relief for the citizens from the pollution of the city. There were a large number of elderly people who were having their evening walks in the garden. We started our walk around the garden and were amazed at the biological diversity of the garden. The different exotic species that were present are not usually present in nature. There were a lot of rare species, which were being conserved by the botanical garden authorities. The staff had maintained the garden very well. There is a strict order of not allowing plastic bags in the park and the guards made sure that it was followed.

Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga I Image Resource :

The artificial pond of the garden was a very beautiful one. There were a large number of ducks swimming in the pond. There were different varieties of gardens such as the water and rock garden, sunken garden, fern garden, butterfly garden and theme garden. Each one had their own specialities. The Bonsai garden was the most attractive one and we enjoyed watching it the most. We took a lot of photographs. The Semmozhi Poonga Chennai refreshed us at the end of the day. The next day we had to go to the Parthasarathy temple, so we left for the hotel.

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