Stay at Hotel Suriya International, Chennai – A Relaxing One

The three of us went straight to our hotel from the railway station. It was a half an hour journey from the station. The staff received us and gave us a very warm welcome. It was the Hotel Suriya International, one of the most reputed ones in the city. We refreshed ourselves and relaxed a bit in our room. After our breakfast, which was rather sumptuous, we took a tour of the hotel. The manager of the hotel was courteous enough to guide us. We were sure that our stay at Hotel Suriya International, Chennai would be a very enjoyable one, going around the hotel. The amenities on offer were diverse and of international standard. The staff was rather cordial and devoted in the service. We were made to feel at home during the entire duration of the stay.

Hotel Suriya International Chennai

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The room in which we were put up was a very nice one. It was furnished in a very elegant manner. The upholstery of the room was in bright colours. It helped in filling us with energy and enlivening the overall atmosphere of the room. The air-conditioning of the room was already set at a suitable temperature. We had a colour television set in our room, which helped us in staying updated to the latest news around the world. The Internet service was available and we could surf the net from our laptops. The telephone in the room allowed us to call the hotel staff whenever we required something. They were promptly available at our disposal. After the tiring days during the course of our stay, we would be relaxed on reaching the hotel.

The hotel had a roof top restaurant where we had access to all the original South Indian delicacies, especially the Tamil ones. The food served was piping hot and delicious. Being a foodie myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the food. The doctor on call facility came in handy on one of the days when one my friends felt sick. The stay at Hotel Suriya International, Chennai was thus a fulfilling one and we always felt comfortable staying there. We left for VGP Universal Kingdom after breakfast on the first day.

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