Marina Beach, Chennai – The Most Popular Place in Town

After the heavy lunch that we had, this was the perfect thing that one could ask for, a stroll on Marina Beach, Chennai. The beach is one of the most popular beaches in India and is almost synonymous to the city of Chennai. Every year millions of people visited the beach and it was always a busy place to be in. The coastline was very long. It is no surprise that this is the second longest beach in the world. The landform of the beach was consistently sandy. However, swimming and bathing was not allowed in the beach as there was a strong undercurrent in the sea water of the region.

We took out our caps as the sun was at full steam overhead. One of the rare things that we noticed here was that none of the local people used umbrellas. This might be the reason their complexion was predominantly dark in nature. The beach was really well maintained. Our driver said that many voluntary organisations were working to keep the beach clean and protect the marine ecosystem. We strolled along the beach in the afternoon sun. The sea breeze was blowing at a good speed and the weather was pretty comfortable. We took a lot of photographs of ourselves and the beautiful natural beauty of the Bay of Bengal.

The surroundings of the beach were very beautiful. The numerous memorials along the beach, joggers’ track and aquarium enhanced the beauty of the place. The local people visit the beach regularly to enjoy the cool sea breeze which is a welcome relief from the hot and humid climate of the Chennai. The huge Chepauk Cricket Stadium, a witness of many riveting cricket battles over the years, stood by the beach. The local children were flying kites and playing beach cricket. They were really having a whale of a time. There was a lighthouse at the far end of the beach, which helped the deep sea ships to navigate. A couple of hours at the Marina Beach, Chennai, passed in a jiffy. The next day we planned to visit the Arignar Anna Zoological Park. We retired to our hotel rooms for the day.

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