VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai – Entertainment at Its Best

We headed to the amazing amusement park VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai after having our breakfast. The hotel authorities had made the required travel arrangements for us. We had a nice SUV waiting for us at the driveway of the hotel. On the way to the park we saw a glimpse of the city of Chennai. The roads were really well-maintained and the city was clean. The local people went about their business as usual. The drive to the park was a rather pleasant one and we were really excited on our way.

This park was one of the most popular ones in the city of Chennai. The numerous rides attracted lakhs of visitors every year. The long queue at the entrance proved the popularity of the park to us. On entering the park, we were really impressed with the high standards of maintenance and upkeep. There was adequate staff manning all the rides to prevent any untoward incidents that might take place. We booked tickets for most of the rides and went ahead. The host of rides were waiting for us.

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There were rides for all age groups of people. We went to ride the ones that were meant for the youth and families. The first up was the Water Chute, where a moving vehicle went quite high in the air using the elevated track and then plunged down into the pool below. It was really exhilarating and enjoyable. This was repeated three times and by the end of the ride we were smeared with water from the pool. Go-Karting was next on the way and all three of us were eager to take on the challenge. The driving experience was totally out of the world. We were really surprised at each other’s driving skills. A host of rides followed, like the Chair-o-Plane, Hydro Bike, Roller Coaster and Orbiter. We enjoyed riding the roller coaster the most.

After the rides, we had our lunch in the nice air-conditioned restaurant of the park. It was such a delight visiting VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai. It was time for us to go to the Marina Beach, our next stop for the day.

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