Easy ways to live a balanced life – For working financial women professionals

Today, I would like to share my views on balancing between work and personal life; especially it becomes too hectic for women who have several roles to perform. The technology has advanced drastically making communication; work easier, but these mega trends have also affected the balance between work and life!

Contrary women these days find it a big struggle to manage children, ageing parents and work. Most parents try making up by giving their child what he/ she wants but this can to be a dangerous situation of replacing your time with need of things.

Moreover, absence of balance creates stress among individuals, obesity, and increase in health problems as well a great stretch at marital relationships. Apart at work overall productivity is affected which may result in loss of job at times.

Recently, few months was going via all these hardship, the workload increased by leaps and bound due to promotion. As well usually, finance people work 50-70 hours a week. At home, I was mere a paying guest and had many health issues to. Finally, I decided to take a break and take a charge of myself. All I did by following these small but result oriented steps:

Ask and create balance of work and life without any excuses

Prior taking up assignments be clear whether you are willing to spend some time with family or work for more 60 hours at stretch. The Professionals at higher post must ask company for flexibility so both work and life is managed.

Choose companies matching your work and life

Look for the companies, which promote, practice work and life balance as well ensure your overall wellbeing. Do NOT RUSH just for job sake / big name / money only. Prioritize your goals and treat them in a balanced manner.

Employers too can contribute

We all would be aware of Wall Street 2008 market meltdown, which makes it no longer a destination for young, talented financial professionals. Employers must follow policies, which are in favour of employees to and ensure there is less employee turnover rate. Flexible work timings, leaves, access to sabbatical, facilities like gymnasium, childcare at work place.

Involve Family Members

One must communicate with their family members, share their basic routine and scenarios so there is an extended support by family. The working moms can divide and take up house duties if in a Joint Family. It is all about give and take and working from both ends.

An end line is the employee to must be willing to change and focus its work and life balance as a high priority. We ourselves can change our situation and life!

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